Why I Created the LAST (Love Addiction Screening Test)

Over the past several years, in the field of sex addiction treatment and recovery, a lot of attention has been paid to “the sex addict.” But not a whole lot of time and resources are going to understanding and treating other problems, like the partners of sex addicts or love addicts or partners of love addicts. That is changing, but there’s still been a disproportionate amount of work dedicated to the sex addict. I began seeing an increasing number of people presenting with problems resulting from compulsive relationships that simply do not qualify as sex addicts. There were a few tools out there to help more readily identify this problem, such as the SLAA “40 Questions” and there was very good information that Pia Mellody had compiled, which was contained in her book about love addiction, “Facing Love Addiction,” but the info was not readily accessible if you didn’t have the book.

Because of the simplicity and accessibility of Carnes’ “Sexual Addiction Screening Test” (SAST), I used this tool as a template in creating the LAST.  Granted, the SAST is not a definitive tool for determining sex addiction, but it’s a great start to point people in the right therapeutic direction. In creating the LAST, I adapted questions from the SLAA 40 questions and adapted identifying information from Pia Mellody and devised 10 questions that could be used, not a definitive instrument for diagnosis, but could at least point people in the right therapeutic direction.

I welcome comments and feedback about the LAST and to provide gratitude and credit where it’s due: thanks to Pia Mellody, Patrick Carnes and SLAA. If you would like to take the Love Addiction Screening Test, please click LAST. If you would like to read about the signs of love addiction, please click here.

For more information about Aaron Alan, MFT, CSAT, please click here.

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