What on Earth is Healthy Sex?

Sexual health is not an absolute construct and has few black and white parameters; there is not one definition of sexual health because it varies from person to person. What may be healthy for one person, may in fact be less healthy, or even dangerous, for another person. Sexual health is defined less by actual behavior and more by motive and impact. No one can define your sexual health for you, although there are a few basic parameters that can help you in developing your own definition of sexual health. In a nutshell, healthy sex occurs between consenting adults who are aware of their desires, boundaries and limits and are able to communicate them. Healthy sex does not abuse, deceive or exploit another person’s vulnerabilities. Rather, it brings out the best in oneself and with whomever you are sharing the experience. Marriage and committed relationships are not necessary for sex to be healthy because there are many configurations of relationships and, therefore, many configurations of healthy sexual experiences. Sex is healthy when it’s spiritually nourishing, shares vulnerabilities, is honest, broadens our horizons, connects us, feels good and, most importantly, when it’s genuinely fun. That’s healthy sex!

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