Top Reasons To Do An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) For Sexual Compulsivity

  1. You are in crisis and need to do something now;
  2. Trying to stop but unable to simply “shut off” destructive sexual behaviors through will-power alone;
  3. You have (or are about to have) severe consequences from your sexual behaviors;
  4. You are ready for help;
  5. A solid start in sexual recovery is important;
  6. Stopping the addictive/compulsive behaviors and understanding triggers to acting out;
  7. A busy life won’t allow being admitted to an “in-patient” program;
  8. Get a lot of help all at once: The 5-Day IOP at Foundry is about 6 months worth of therapy in 5 days;
  9. There is no easy access to treatment specialists in your area;
  10. 12-step has not been enough or isn’t quite for you;
  11. Your partner wants you to demonstrate sincerity in taking the problem seriously;
  12. To increase mindfulness, accountability and awareness;
  13. To understand the impact on others and develop greater empathy for them;
  14. To make the connection between sexual compulsivity and root causes, including guilt & shame and/or trauma;
  15. Seeking guidance, structure, support and tools to make healthy changes.

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