If you or someone you love shows three or more of the following signs, there may be a problem with love addiction and/or compulsive attachment:

  1. “Falling in love” repeatedly.
  2. Obssessing over someone.
  3. Neglecting to care for oneself because of a love relationship.
  4. Getting lost in relationships.
  5. Unable to be alone and/or difficulty being alone.
  6. Unable to stop seeing someone even though that person is destructive and/or dangerous to you.
  7. Moving in with someone before you really know that person simply based on it “feeling right.”
  8. Replacing ended relationships immediately.
  9. Unable to leave relationships.
  10. Unintentionally flirting.
  11. Having sex with someone so they will like you better or love you.
  12. Romance is all-consuming.
  13. Feeling an “instant connection” and closeness with people you just met.
  14. Believing you really know someone even though you’ve just met and/or started dating them.
  15. Feel that your life is unmanageable because of excessive relationship needs.

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