At Foundry, we recognize the unique experience and therapeutic requirements of those adversely impacted by the acting out behaviors of someone who is sexually compulsive. You will be treated with compassion and understanding as you work through the trauma and pain created and triggered as a result of your partner’s sexual addiction. Partners of sexually addicted people did not cause the addiction, are not responsible for the choices of the addict and are not culpable for the trauma you have endured as a result of the sexual acting out of the addict. Partners need to be heard and the pain needs to be validated. Historically the field has treated the partner/spouse of a sexually compulsive person predominantly from a co-addict/codependent model, which is incomplete and can unintentionally cause further injury by implying that partners are the cause of their own pain. An integrative approach has been found to be more therapeutic, which acknowledges the pain associated with betrayal as a trauma response. While for some people issues of codependency may be present, that is not where the healing process begins. Foundry does not automatically orient a partner as a co-addict/codependent. In working with partners of sexually addicted people, we employ an integrative model which acknowledges the trauma associated with profound betrayal and our programs for partners and spouses are specifically – and sensitively – tailored to meet your needs.

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