Many healthy and well-intentioned people have opted for less traditional, non-monogamous relationships, which include polyamory and various forms of open relationships. Clinicians at Foundry approach therapy from a perspective that is free of judgment and with an understand of the issues you may be confronting. We will treat you, your primary relationship and everyone in your system with respect and dignity as you work towards your therapeutic goals. Common issues which are often a component of the therapeutic process:

  • Sustaining Intimacy
  • Healthy Communication
  • Negotiation of Relationship & Sexual Boundaries
  • Integrating Ethics
  • Defining Fidelity
  • Disclosure to Family & Friends
  • Coping with Societal Influences, Pressures & Judgments
  • Money & Financial Issues

Our work is to help you identify what’s not working in your relationship(s), separate the healthy from the destructive, and to collaboratively develop a definition of relational and sexual health and living that brings out the best in everyone in the system.