Ryan Guetersloh (LMFT #42010) completed his master’s degree at JFK University and has pursued a wide range of clinical experiences serving diverse and varied clients.

“I am a passionate and caring mental health professional who has been a clinician, a presenter, an educator, and a clinical supervisor. Over the past eight years, my clinical practice has provided a deep understanding around issues of addiction—the struggle, pain and impact experienced as addiction spreads through the lives of addicts and their family members.”

“I offer an engaged and dynamic style of counseling and psychotherapy. In addition to treating the psychological issues surrounding addictive/compulsive behaviors, my areas of clinical expertise also include crisis intervention, high-conflict couples counseling, trauma, group counseling, phase-of-life problems and LGBT issues.”

Ryan facilitates psychotherapy groups at Foundry (“Men’s Recovery from Problematic Sexual Behaviors”) and serves as a lecturer and primary therapist for Foundry’s 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Program.

Ryan can be reached at 510-463-4051 and ryan@foundryclinicalgroup.com.