Daniela Judah-Ormani, licensed clinical therapist (LCSW) and life transitions coach, has been practicing since 1990. She received her BA and MSW (Masters Degree in Organizational Social Work) from USC. Early in her career, Daniela developed and implemented seminars in stress and anger management for the Human Resources department at NBC, as well as developed NBC’s first sexual harassment policy and substance abuse awareness program.

In developing her private practice, Daniela focused on working with women going through very difficult transitions such as separation, divorce, career and work transition resulting from children and/or divorce; and relationship issues including infidelity and addiction. She also specializes in working with couples to help them gain developmentally appropriate parenting tools and communication specifically through difficult times.

Daniela has created a specialty in helping parents identify the steps needed to effect positive change with their families, particularly how family struggles and life transitions impact children. She runs the “Parenting Through Sex Addiction” treatment program at Foundry. Whether couples are planning to stay together, are currently separated or possibly divorcing, it is essential that each parent works individually and together toward positive communication and for the overall well-being of their child or adolescent. Daniela assists parents through emotional support, recognition of personal accountability, cognitive-behavioral tools and appropriate guidance in taking steps forward that are in the best interest of the children.