Foundry Clinical Group

We are licensed mental health professionals highly trained and experienced in treating problems with sex, relationships, trauma and addictions.

Foundry is a group practice of licensed therapists, psychologists and mental health professionals, including Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT), Certified Sex Therapists (CST) and EMDR-trained clinicians. All clinicians are highly trained and experienced in their areas of expertise; each clinician holds a Master and/or Doctorate degree and is appropriately licensed for their scope of practice. Bios for all of our clinicians are listed here.

In treating sex and love addiction, we employ a task-centered model with a mindfulness-based approach. Our founders excelled as staff clinicians for the country’s top Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) and designed The 5-Day IOP at Foundry as a skills-based curriculum to maximize client resources, focus upon the core competencies for successful recovery, and deliver what works.

Foundry’s flagship office is located in Beverly Hills. Take a video tour of the office.

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