Foundry treats individuals and couples at our private offices in Los Angeles and Oakland. We specialize in treating problems with sex, relationships, trauma and addictions—guiding sexually compulsive people and their partners through the recovery and repair process. More generally, we help people who find themselves “stuck” in patterns of unproductive communication and compromised relationships (romantic, work, and family). Our therapeutic style is engaging and directive: therapy will focus on practical solutions and direct experimentation with new ways of living, behaving, and communicating.

Clinicians at Foundry offer individual therapy as a cornerstone of treatment, focusing on a wide variety of issues ranging from recovery from compulsions and out of control behaviors, problematic relationship patterns, working through childhood and relational trauma, alleviating depression or anxiety, or simply wanting personal growth and transformation. Therapists develop a collaborative relationship with clients to tailor treatment plans, in either short or long term, to best suit the client’s specific needs and personal goals. Our team of highly trained and experienced clinicians are each specialists in their respective field and take great pride in their work.

Individual therapy appointments are available every day of the week, morning, afternoon and evening. However, each clinician’s schedule, fee and openings may vary.