Couples therapy is a process through which a couple works with a therapist to identify specific areas of conflict and/or aspects of their relationship they would like to change. The therapeutic process is focused on developing a plan of action to improve each individual’s satisfaction and contentment within the relationship. Couples therapy is appropriate for individuals that may be dating, engaged, married, partnered or even paired through family or other relationships.  As a couple, you will work with a therapist in a safe and confidential setting to explore how your individual backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors may be impacting the relationship or the issues you are both struggling with. At Foundry Clinical Group you will engage in the therapeutic process as a couple with a highly trained and experienced therapist  in a fair and balanced manner to address the presenting problem,  as well as work with the each individual to develop useful and healthy strategies for protecting and enhancing the long-term health and happiness of the relationship. Foundry offers a variety of effective and innovative services geared towards helping couples strengthen their relationship and capacity for intimacy and growth.

Couples Weekend Workshops:

Through The Fire: A Relationship Building Workshop for Couples Healing from Betrayal

Through The Fire™ focuses specifically on understanding sex addiction induced trauma (SAIT) and relational healing by applying the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) as an added piece of the couples recovery process, which includes communication, empathy building and crisis/trigger management. This weekend workshop is ideal for couples in recovery but are finding it challenging to rebuild trust and intimacy. Integrating trauma recovery with sex addiction treatment, this relationship building workshop is designed to help couples through psycho-education, experiential practice and group process. Through The Fire™ can be done at almost any point in the recovery process after Discovery and it an be done irrespective of where the couple is in the Disclosure process. This workshop is always facilitated by two licensed mental health professionals who are also Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) and trained in the Multi-Dimensional Trauma Model (M-PTM).

Deepening Love in the Midst of Crisis

There are many couples who are committed to growing together and connecting more deeply with one another, but who face a serious crisis or challenge in their relationship. The challenge may be about communication and conflict, child rearing, sexuality, past hurts, or an external stressor. Without help and focused attention, these problems can continue to grow and bring a relationship into a state of crisis. Couples will be helped to safely confront and see these problems in a new light. Our couples often develop creative new solutions, and at other times simply discover a whole new level of love, acceptance, and enthusiasm for their bond – one that is focused on changing the course of the relationship in a positive direction. This workshop is offered the first weekend of each month.

Strengthening the Relationship after Disclosure

The disclosure of infidelity or sexual addiction can have a devastating impact on a relationship. The loss of trust and feelings of guilt, anger, and grief can be overwhelming and feel insurmountable. At Foundry we believe that relationships can recover and actually grow stronger and more intimate after disclosure. What is needed is a sense of hope and willingness to confront difficult problems, current challenges and a create a plan focused on emotional and psychological healing. Couples will work with a sex addiction specialist trained specifically on the disclosure protocol and recovery process associated with sexual addiction. If your focus is to work on staying together we can help you with the tools and provide the emotional support that will give your relationship the chance it deserves. This workshop is offered the third weekend of each month.