With the proximity of California’s San Fernando Valley, the world’s center for the production of adult content, there is a clear need for expert help that is sensitive to the needs of people who work or have worked in this industry. Clinicians at Foundry approach therapy from a perspective that is free of judgment and seeking to understand the issues you may be confronting. We will treat you with respect and dignity as you work towards your therapeutic goals. Common issues for adult industry workers which are often a component of the therapeutic process:

  • Difficulty with Intimacy
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Sexual Compulsivity
  • Hyper Arousal
  • Money & Financial Issues
  • Food & Eating Disorders
  • Exploitation Problems
  • Body Image Issues
  • Drug Use & Addiction
  • Escorting
  • Family of Origin Problems
  • History of Abuse

Our work is to help you identify what’s not working in your life, separate the healthy from the destructive, and to collaboratively develop a definition of sexual health and living that brings out the best in you.

Call us at 888.522.4496 or email info@foundryclinicalgroup.com
for a confidential assessment or for more information.

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