Smart and practical skills-based treatment for recovery from sex or love addiction

Minimal Time Off Work
Repair Relationships & Wreckage
Targeted to Participants’ Needs

The 5-Day IOP at Foundry is an intensive outpatient program offering practical, skills-based treatment for recovery from sexual addiction and compulsivity and is designed for busy professionals who want a solid start in their recovery, but taking two weeks or more away from work and responsibilities is simply not an option. The 5-Day IOP at Foundry is offered Wed-Sun, although custom scheduling is available, and is held monthly in Oakland and every other month in Los Angeles.

Foundry interprets problematic sexual behavior (what many refer to as “sex addiction”) as primarily a habituated response to other stressors. The behaviors may be addictive or compulsive, or they may simply be “problematic sexual behavior.” Foundry’s 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to provide male IOP participants with valuable education and insight about sexually addictive/compulsive and problematic sexual behaviors:

* How the behavior, risk-taking and secret-keeping becomes a habit.
* What other purposes these addictive/compulsive behaviors may be serving in your life.
* Psychobiological dependencies created by serial erotic infatuations (i.e. “love addiction.”)
* Strategies to combat future minimizing, justifying, or rationalizing the problematic sexual behavior.
* Constructing a personalized relapse-prevention plan for your specific triggers/behaviors.
* Variety of ways spouses are adversely affected by the lies and betrayal, and best practices to begin process of repair.

The IOP is also designed to support couples in the aftermath of discovery, as the damaged relationship requires stabilization and education ASAP. Spouses want to know that their partner is committed to changing their behavior, to addressing their underlying issues and motivators, and to accepting responsibility for re-establishing safety and healing.

The 5-Day IOP runs Wednesday through Sunday, from 9am-5pm. This is an all-male program, limited to 4 high-functioning participants.

Before the IOP starts, participants complete a battery of online psychological assessments. These assessment measures allow Foundry therapists to better understand your unique psychological profile and to customize the IOP treatment in ways that will specifically benefit your clinical needs.

What You Get

  • Highly structured, skills-based treatment
  • Individual Assessment
  • Individualized Sexual Accountability Plan
  • Recovery Tools: Affect Regulation, Anger Management, Stress Reduction
  • Impact on Spouses/Partners
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Connections: Sexual Arousal and Trauma
  • Connections: Secrecy and Intimacy-Avoidance
  • Customized Relapse Prevention Tools
  • Task work and nightly homework assignments
  • Detailed Aftercare Plan

Before You Arrive

  • 60-minute assessment interview (telephone/Skype or in person)
  • Online assessment measures
  • Required reading
  • 30-minute interview with spouse/partner, if applicable (telephone/Skype or in person)

After You Leave

  • In-depth clinical consultation with your ongoing treating therapist
  • Follow-up sessions to monitor progress and troubleshoot challenges (telephone/Skype or in person)
  • Recovery Start Kit with CDs/workbook to structure the next 130 days of your sexual recovery (this is optional and additional fees may apply)

Sample Schedule

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Registered Participants

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